How do I enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

How do I enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) requires a user to provide two or more verification factors to log in to an application. In the case of Meetingmax, the two verification factors are your password and one-time passwords (OTP). Complete the following steps to enable MFA for your account; 

  1. Download the Google Authenticator application onto your smartphone. The Google Authenticator will generate the OTP once you add your account authentication key.

    Google Authenticator on the App Store

    Google Authenticator – Apps on Google Play

  2. When you log in to your Meetingmax System next, you will be prompted to “Secure Your Account”. Either scan the QR code or enter the authentication key into the Google Authenticator application.

  1. Once you have completed the process, the next time you log into your Meetingmax System, you will be required to enter your password and the authenticator code found in the Google Authenticator application. 


Other Ways to Authenticate

Some password managers also have an option to generate the OTP password for you so you don't need to download a separate application. Under the login you would have made for Meetingmax in your password manager, look for a space to also add an Authenticator Key. 


At Meetingmax, we recommend using the Google Authenticator application on your smartphone as it is the most secure option!

Please see below downloadable resources with step by step instructions on installing 2 Factor Authentication on your mobile device and web browser:
  1. Mobile Device
  2. Web Browser Extension