How to use / install the Chrome Authenticator Extension

How to use / install the Chrome Authenticator Extension

In order to access the Max system as an MCP user, this requires 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) which is done with a password and an authenticator code. The code can come from either your Authenticator App on your mobile phone, or an Authentication Extension on your browser. Using the browser option makes it super easy to just copy and paste straight into the field at the login screen, rather than typing out from what is displayed on your phone.

To install the browser extension, head here to the Chrome Web Store, you can also get here by searching ‘Authenticator Extension’ in Google and it should be the first result.

There will be a button in the top right showing [Add to Chrome]. 

Once selected a pop up will appear advising what the extension does, please select [Add Extension].

Once installation is complete (approx. 5-10 seconds depending on your bandwidth) the Authenticator will then be available in the extensions icon along the URL bar in your browser.

If you have not had the Authenticator before from MMX, once you have entered your username and password to login, a QR Code and Authentication Key will appear on the screen. If you are reinstalling (you have used the Authenticator for MMX previously), you will need to reach out to to have the authenticator reset so the QR Code will appear at login.


To set up using the QR Code:

  1. Ensure the QR Code is open and displayed on the same screen you are using Chrome on.
  2. Then open the Authenticator from the extensions and select the ‘Scan QR Code’ icon in the top right. 
  3. To ‘scan’ the QR code, this is done just like you would take a screenshot - using the cursor click from the top left corner, drag down to the bottom right corner and release the cursor.

To set up using the Authentication Key: 

> Open up the Authenticator Extension and select the ‘Edit’ icon in the top right.

> Select the plus sign icon [+], and then ‘Manual Entry’ to add the key

> Complete the ‘Issuer’ and ‘Secret’ fields and select [ok]

Issuer = Meetingmax

Secret = copy and paste the Authentication key that displays on the Meetingmax logon page.

> You will see the below pop up, select ‘Allow’, so with one click you can copy the code to easily paste into your Authentication field at every logon.

You then will see the 6 digit Authenticator code displaying, enter this into the Meetingmax logon field. You will then be prompted to go through the logon process again entering Username + Password, then another code for Authentication.

Tip: Using the below steps you can change your preferences for the Authenticator to autofill the code when clicking on it.

Click on the Extensions icon and then the Authenticator .

Once in the Authenticator, navigate to the ‘Settings’, the cog in the top left corner

Then select [Preferences] and toggle the ‘Autofill’ to ‘On’

The next time you log into your MCP, after entering your username and password, when prompted for the code, open the Authenticator Extension, just click on the 6 digit code once and it will autofill into the field.