How can I make bulk changes to my reservations?

How can I make bulk changes to my reservations?

Through the new Bulk Reservation Change Tool, in addition to updating notes you can now update the following:
  1. Company Name
  2. ETA
  3. Additonal Info #1
  4. Additional Info #2
  5. Special Requests

In the "Reservations" tab, click on the "Toggle Bulk Mode" button. This will activate a column on the left-hand side for you to choose which reservations you would like to send the update for.  To increase the total number of reservations, simply click on the "Show x entries" drop-down above the table, and increase the number. If you have more than 100 reservations for which you need to add a hotel note, you will need to break it down into smaller portions. Once you have chosen your recipients, click on the green check mark.

You will then see two options. Choose "Edit Reservations".

Then select the parts of the reservations you want to update, and add the changes you want in the spaces on the right.

Once you submit your changes, they will take effect right away for all reservations selected. For more information on updating reservations notes and resending the API Push URL, check out how can i send a bulk hotel note for my reservations? and how can I keep data synchronized on my own system using the api push url?

For more information on sending bulk emails, visit How can I resend communication emails to guests?