What is a "Comp Room"?

What is a "Comp Room"?

The Comp Room feature allows you to set up and manage up to three different types of complimentary nights for individual events. Note: This feature is only available to Master Control Panel users only. Hotels and planners will not be able to use this feature.

You will have the option to add and manage three types of comp rooms. Note: You'll need the individual hotel contracts to properly assign comp nights.

1. Earned

Earned comps are those complimentary rooms that you receive for a certain number of booked room nights. The majority of hotel contracts provide you with a COMP agreement. The agreement may state “for every 40 room nights booked, the planner will receive one comp night to apply to any room”. If 213 room nights are booked after the event concludes, the planner will receive five nights free. Note: Assigned comp nights do not count towards earned comps.

2. Over and Above (O/A)

Over and Above comps, or O/A, are complimentary room nights that are available based on specific hotel contracts. The hotel contract will add in the concessions (kick back for signing the contract) such as one comp presidential suite for seven nights.

3. Staff

Staff comps are those complimentary rooms that you assign to staff members. The hotel contract will add in the concessions (kick back for signing the contract) such as seven staff guest rooms at comp rate.

To set up comp rooms, go to the event profile for the event you want to set up comp rooms for, and click “Comp Rooms ” from the "Event Actions" dropdown. The following page lists all hotels used by the event and allows you to track various metrics related to comps.


  • for Earned Comps: Based off the comp room rate, and the number of rooms allocated (in non comp blocks). For example Possible Comps = (Total inventory allocated in non comp blocks) / (Comp room rate).
  • for O/A & Staff Comps: Enter the amount possible according to the hotel contract.

Earned: This is the number of comp room nights that have been earned from room night pickup thus far.

Assigned: This is the number of comp room nights that have already been assigned to a room.

Remaining: This is the number of available comp room nights that can still be assigned to a room.

Comp Room Rate: The number of nights required to earn each comp night. For example with a comp room rate of 40, for every 40 room nights sold you receive 1 comp night.

You can view reservations assigned as a comp at the hotel by clicking the plus sign icon to expand the hotel information. From here you will see the information about the reservations and are able to click on the "RES ID" number to see the full reservation details.


To edit the policy for comp rooms at a hotel, click on the "COMP POLICY" button associated with the particular hotel. This will help you keep the comp policies for the different hotels organized.

Below the table you will see two collapsed options for emails. Click on the folder icon to expand the email options. Here you can add a custom message that will be added to the emails sent to the guests. The General Comp Email is sent to any Earned Comps or O/A Comps while the Staff Comp Email is sent to the Staff Comps.

Note: The message added here will override the standard message entered under the acknowledgement/confirmation area.

Comp a Reservation

Now that you have comps set up in the system for an event, you are able to flag an existing reservation as a comp. To comp a reservation, from within a Reservation Detail screen, click on a room's "Room Actions" dropdown and click "Comp Nights".

A box will appear where you can flag the comp as either General or Staff. This flag will dictate which email this guest will receive. Then, you can input the number of room nights you would to comp and which type of comps you would like to pull from. At the top of the box you will see the amount of assigned and possible comps from the manage comp nights folder so you are aware of what is available.

Both the type and the number of nights fields will be optional so you can assign a comp night or give the reservation a comp type. The reservation will appear in the manage comps page (possibly with type None or 0 nights assigned). Comp nights can be assigned from multiple categories simultaneously. You're also able to search reservations by the comp type in the "Reservations" tab.

Once you save the Comp Night information for the reservation, the changes will be reflected on the Reservation Detail page right away. You'll see the rate in the top right, as well as in "Rates and payment info", is now the revised rate with the comp nights included. The Flag type you assigned to the room will appear at the top beside the room type name, and the "Daily Rates" information will show rates being crossed out in red to reflect the number of comp nights alloted.

If you do assign a flag to the comp, this will automatically remove the change request link from acknowledgement and confirmation emails and replace the link with hard coded text informing guests to “reply to this email to submit a change request”.

Comp Blocks

You will be able to flag a block as a comp block by using the checkbox when creating a sub-block as seen below. Note: When you flag a block as a comp block, rooms allocated in the block will not be counted towards potential comps. You will still have to flag reservations. Also important to note that if a sub-block is labeled as a Comp block, the users will not be able to submit change request through their emails. Instead of a link, there will be hard-coded instructions informing the guest to reply to the email to submit a change.

Check out this short video showing the process of Comp Rooms in the system: