What information is available within reservations?

What information is available within reservations?

Upon searching for a reservation, if only one fits the criteria used, you will be taken automatically to a screen with that reservation. If multiple can be found with that criteria, the list at the bottom will populate, allowing you to choose a reservation to view. You can also just click on the magnifying glass to the left of each reservation if all you want to see is an at-a-glance view of the reservation's rooms.

If you would like to see more information, click the "Rates & Payment" check box to display the rates per night, as well as all information pertaining to payment, including credit card, payment note, purchase order, etc.

This Reservation Detail page lists all of the information for a given reservation and allows you to see the history of the reservation as well as any internal notes that are added by MCP users.

You can easily navigate through the system by clicking a number of links (that will open in a new tab):

  • Hotel Name: Event Hotel
  • Sub-Block Name: Edit sub-block page
  • Room Type Name: that specific Room Type Inventory Page
Reservation Actions Dropdown:

Print Reservation: Exports the reservation into a print-ready format, allowing you to print or save the reservation as a .PDF.
  • Resend X Email: Allows you to resend the Acknowledgement Email when in "New" status, the Confirmation Email when in "Accepted" status, or the Declined Email when in "Declined" status, to the appropriate email address.
  • Reset Reservation to New: This allows you to change the status of the reservation back to "New".
  • Clone Reservation: This will bring you to the Back End Reservation, copying all of the information over from the existing reservation, including payment information. This can be done from a reservation in any status

  • Submit Change Request/Edit: Reservations in "New" status will show “edit”, which allows you to change details pertaining to this specific room. Changes will be shown in the system immediately. Reservations in Accepted status will show “Submit Change Request”, allowing user to submit a request. Before cut-off, these changes will apply to the reservation immediately, while post-cut off will only apply once the hotel processes the request.
  • Resend X Email: This will resend the Confirmation Email when in "Accepted" status to the appropriate emails.
  • Comp Nights: For more information on the Comp Room Feature What is a "Comp Room"?
  • Edit Rates: For more information on the Edit Rates feature How can I edit the rates on a reservation after it has been booked?
Reservation History

Clicking on this tab will show you a history of all changes and different actions made for the reservation, such as change requests and status changes.

Reservation Notes

You can use this area to leave internal notes (only visible by Admin) for this reservation.

You also have the ability to quickly navigate between reservations using the blue arrows on either side of the reservation details. Try clicking one and see what happens!