What has changed with the new left-hand navigation design?

What has changed with the new left-hand navigation design?

Introducing our new left-hand navigation! Although the biggest differences are obvious - the navigation has been moved to the left side of the system - there have been a couple of minor functional changes you'll want to be aware of.

The policies, setup, and help-related links now reside under a drop-down menu accessed in the upper-left of the screen. Keeping account and help-related pages within the same area will provide a level of consistency in the application.

Next and Previous Buttons

The blue next and previous arrows that were once located halfway down the page will now be located at the top as buttons.


With the introduction of left-had navigation, you may have noticed that the Meetingmax system feels wider than before. This is thanks to a new element of the system the developers call "Fluidity." Much like how the front-end reservation process reacts to the shape and size of the guest's computer/phone screen, the Meetingmax system will now take advantage of your screen's real estate by filling out your screen from left to right.

This is a great improvement no matter which part of the system you're in at any given time. An especially useful case of utilizing fluidity is when working out of a data table in Meetingmax. Say you're adding numerous columns to the reservations table so you can get a quick glimpse into all the of the information for each record. Now, rather than needing to scroll the table left and right to see the columns you've added, the system will simply widen the table automatically! Check out the example below.

That's everything! You'll find that the system is still as familiar as ever, but with this new design, navigating to the screens you work out of the most will feel much more intuitive.