September 13, 2018

September 13, 2018

Summer seems to be coming to a close and the team wants to go out with a bang!

We've got some dynamite new features for you that may make you explode with excitement.

Here's what you can expect to see on September 13th.

  1. Change Rates per Room
    You read that right!
    You can now update the room's rates after the reservation has been created. This will give you some more flexibility in how you want to manage your rooms. When the rates are updated, it'll also update the room and reservation totals. You can find this new functionality 
    on the Reservation Details page > Room Actions > Edit Rates. 


  2. Ability to Remove Columns from Reports
    With privacy and personal information security becoming more of a concern these days, we've added the ability to hide personal contact information and payment information from many reports. 
    Simply choose the report from the Reports tab you wish and, if supported, you'll now see the new output options. 


  3. Attendee Management 
    For those clients that utilize the attendee integration with Meetingmax, we now are providing more insight into what we currently have in our system on your attendees. You may view a list of attendees (from Reservations > Manage Attendees) and check out the details of each of them. We are also displaying which reservations they are currently associated with, if any. 

    Additionally, you can quickly generate the 
    unique attendee link for each attendee without having to use the API to do so.


Something to make you smile:)

More Power

In continuing our crusade of making the system more efficient and usable for you and your guests, the last step of the booking process has been heavily optimized to make your guests' experience even better!  

Log-in to your system, play around, and increase your Meetingmax knowledge - you housing superstar! 

The Meetingmax team