Release Notes July 20th, 2022

Release Notes September 21st, 2022

Release Notes

September 21st, 2022

Hello MMXers! We’re excited to share these changes in your MMX software. Much love! 
- Your Development Team

New Features:

Add No Show Dates to History Tab

Further adding on to the No Show feature, you are now able to see a log of which nights were flagged as no shows, who flagged the no shows, and when they were flagged in the History Tab of the Reservation Details Page.


Categorizing of Reports

We have now clearly categorized reports and sorted them in alphabetical order so you can easily find the report you are looking for. The categories and reports are now as follows;
Administration Reports
  1. Hotel Users
  2. Sub-block Details
Financial Reports
  1. Accounting
  2. Accounting Deposit
  3. Detailed Payment
  4. Payment Reconcilliation
Inventory Reports
  1. Additional Information Totals
  2. Comp Rooms
  3. Day per Hotel with Event Totals
  4. Day per Hotel with Room Type 
  5. Hold Rooms
  6. Hotel by Day 
  7. Hotel with Room Type and Sub-block
  8. Hotel with Sub-block 
  9. Pace Report
  10. State/Province
  11. Sub-block with Anticipated Totals 
  12. Summary
Rooming List Reports
  1. Additional Information
  2. All Hotel Rooming List
  3. Cancelled Rooms
  4. Change
  5. Email
  6. Full Rooming List
  7. Full Rooming List 2
  8. General
  9. General 2
  10. Guest Billing
  11. Hilton
  12. Hilton Rapid
  13. Hotel Confirmation Number
  14. Hyatt
  15. Marriott
  16. Meetingmax Rooming List
  17. Planner
  18. Reservation Notes
  19. RL
  20. Rooming List Sub-block Billing
  21. Simplified Change
  22. Simplified Rooming List
  23. Starwood


Error Message on Custom Reports

We noticed that a visual error message would appear when attempting to save, relaunch or edit a Custom Report. This did not affect the functionality and was only visual. We have now fixed this issue.

Clone Validations

We have added some more checks in place to ensure room types with missing guest details (ghost rooms) are not created during the cloning process. 

History of Confirmation Number 

A log of who, when and the confirmation number during the last step of the Import Confirmation Numbers process stopped recording in the History Tab of the Reservation Details Page. We have now fixed the issue and the log now records when a confirmation numbers list is uploaded.