Release Notes July 20th, 2022

Release Notes October 12th, 2022

Release Notes

October 12th, 2022
Hello MMXers! We’re excited to share these changes in your MMX software. Much love! 

- Your Development Team

New Features:

No Show Report

You now have the ability to pull the no show data that you are tracking in a new report called the No Show Report. Head on over the Reports Tab to view reservations that have been marked as no show.

Booked Outside of Block

You now have the option to record the number of guests who have booked outside of the block so to keep track of the historical data for your events. The Booked Outside of Block row can be found at the bottom of the Inventory pages. Note: This number is for record keeping and has no bearing on inventory.

Booked Outside of Block - Pace Report

Once you have started recording numbers for Booked Outside of Block, you can also pull the information from the Pace Report. A new check-box has been added for you to check if you want to view Booked Outside of Block numbers in the Pace Report.


Disable Date affecting Pace Report

We have noted that the event Disabled Date was affecting the Pace Report where no rows were appearing even though there were reservations. We have now fixed this issue.

Subsequent Save Populating Disabled Date

We fixed an issue that arose if you were attempting to delete a disable date, upon hitting save a second time, the disable date would populate back. 

Originally Contracted and Actualized Pick-up Numbers Not Showing

We have fixed an issue where if you checked to show Originally Contracted or Actualized Pick-up numbers in a report, the rows would display as zero.