Release Notes January 4, 2023

Release Notes November 15th, 2023

Release Notes

November 15th, 2023
Hello MMXers! We’re excited to share these changes in your MMX software. Much love!

-Your Development Team 

New Feature

Custom Amenity Icons

The ability to add a custom amenity to a Hotel profile is now available! 

To do so, head over to a Hotel profile and into the 'Amenities' tab, here you will see the new [Add Custom Amenity] button.

In the pop-up, upload your image of choice, give it a name 'Label' and select which 'Amenity Type' you want the new amenity to appear under.

Once added, the new custom amenity will appear at the bottom of the selected amenity type. You will also have the option to delete the amenity should you choose to.

Now, on the booking process, the guests will see your new custom amenity listed under the Hotel.

Check out Icon Finder for free downloadable icons. For a quick search, ensure you filter the 'Price' on the left hand column to 'Free'.