Release Notes January 4, 2023

Release Notes May 10th, 2023

Release Notes

May 10th, 2023
Hello MMXers! We’re excited to share these changes in your MMX software. Much love!

-Your Development Team

New Features

ADA - Accessible Rooms 

Change Request

Building off of the new ADA - Accessible Room feature, guests with existing reservations can now submit a change request and request for an accessible room. 

Once the change request is submitted, the request will appear as it does with other change requests for the Hotelier (or you) to acknowledge. 


Need Help?

We have now relocated our [Need Help?] Button to our new Resource Center. We will be using this new Resource Center to provide announcements, release notes and access to Knowledge Base articles, along with where you can now find the new [Need Help?] function to submit tickets to Help Desk!

Click on the Moose icon and the Resource Center will appear:


'No Inventory' Warning Message

We have fixed a bug where during the backend reservation process a message advising that there is no inventory over your selected dates appears again even though you have updated your dates to days with inventory.

In light of Reward Yourself Day earlier this week, some self care thoughts: