Release Notes January 4, 2023

Release Notes June 21st, 2023

Release Notes

June 21st, 2023
Hello MMXers! We’re excited to share these changes in your MMX software. Much love!

-Your Development Team


Clear Date When Updating Event Status

We have made the improvement to clear the date when you are updating event statuses so that the previously entered date does not get saved for the updated status.


Errors When ‘&’ Appears in Passwords

We have fixed a bug where a user was not able to login because their password contained an ‘&’ symbol.

Removing Rooms From Booking Summary

There was a bug where if a guest added too many rooms to their reservation and removed one that they would not be able to proceed with making the booking unless starting the process again. This issue has been fixed. 

System Alerts Not Sending

We have addressed a bug where system alert emails were not being sent if a Room Type was selected.