Release Notes January 4, 2023

Release Notes July 12th, 2023

Release Notes

July 12th, 2023
Hello MMXers! We’re excited to share these changes in your MMX software. Much love!

-Your Development Team

New Features

Credit Card Reveal for HCP

As we work to improve upon our security for guest information, we have now implemented a [Click to reveal] for Hotel Users when viewing credit card information. Hotel Users with Credit Card Access enabled, will now be required to enter in their password before the full credit card number is revealed on the Reservation Detail page. 


Label Status of Hotel/Room Type in Backend Reservation

We have made an improvement on the backend reservation process to label the Hotels and Room Types that have been unchecked as Enable, so you do not accidentally book a guest into a Hotel or Room Type that was unchecked for the frontend. The Hotel and Room Type will still be bookable through the backend, the ‘not enabled’ label is purely visual and there as a reminder. Please see a below example:

Hotel A’s 'Enable' check-box has been unchecked:

Resulting in Hotel A not showing up as available for guests to book on the frontend:

As you can see, you are still able to book Hotel A in the backend, just with a reminder that it is 'Not Enabled' is now showing: 

Accessible Room - Messaging Clarity

We have added some clarity to messaging around the Accessible Rooms, so that it is communicated to guests that the requests are not guaranteed until check-in. 

Removal of Messaging on Late Cancellation/Late Date Reduction Fee

Previously, messaging during the change request process would appear if the fee charges to the Late Cancellation or Late Date Reduction were at $0. We have now removed the messaging should the fee be set to $0. 


'&' on The Booking Page

We had some reports that when there was an ‘&’ in the Event Name, Hotel Name and Room Type, that the '&' would appear as ‘&’. We have now addressed this and should an instance of ‘&’ be used, it will display as ‘&’.