Release Notes January 4, 2023

Release Notes December 6th, 2023

Release Notes

December 6th, 2023
Hello MMXers! We’re excited to share these changes in your MMX software. Much love!

-Your Development Team 

Feature Improvement

We have made an improvement to the Sub-block Request wherein you are now able to have multiple Sub-block Requests on the same Event Group (Page Code).


Sub-block Cut-off Notification Emails Not Sending

An issue was identified with the Sub-block Cut-off Notification Email which was addressed and now emails, if enabled, will send at sub-block cut-offs. 

Sub-block Inventory Not Returning to Main Block at Cut-off

Inventory at a sub-block cut-off was not returning to the Main Block if the ‘Extra Inventory Returns to Main Block’ cut-off action was selected. We have fixed this issue and now inventory in a sub-block will return to the Main Block should the option be selected.

Custom Amenity Icon Broken

When adding and saving a custom amenity to a Hotel profile page, the icon would show as a broken image. We have made the fix to this issue.