Release Notes January 4, 2023

Release Notes December 20th, 2023

Release Notes

December 20th, 2023
Hello MMXers! We have a special holiday release for you this week. Thank you for your continuous support and partnership. Wishing you all a Happy Holiday and see you in the new year. Much love!

-Your Development Team

Feature Improvement

Additional Information - Event 

We have made significant improvements to the Additional Information section of the Event. Firstly, Additional Information has now been renamed to Custom Questions. We have also updated the look of the section and how you can add a question. 

To add a question simply select ‘Add Question’ and a pop-up will appear with fields to complete. 

  1. Question - What you are looking to ask your guests
  2. Input Type
    1. Text - If you want to allow your guest to type out their answer
    2. Custom Select - If you want to provide a list of answers for your guests to choose from
  3. Answer Required? - Select Yes/No if the question is mandatory for the guest to answer before completing their booking. 
Editing and deleting questions are simple too as there is an icon each under Action. Just do not forget to enable the questions when you’re ready!

Additional Information - Reservation Details Page

We have also updated the look of the Additional Information on the Reservation Details page and updated the section into a table. 


Ghost Room with User Held/Hold Rooms

We had identified and fixed an issue where using User Held or Hold Rooms to create a reservation was creating an additional room with no guest attached. All clients affected have been notified. 

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes, our developers are constantly working on applying security updates and application improvements to provide you with a safe experience and to continually increase overall performance.