Release Notes July 20th, 2022

Release Notes August 11th, 2022

Release Notes

August 11th, 2022

Hello MMXers! We’re excited to share these changes in your MMX software. Much love! 
- Your development team

Infrastructure Improvements

Our focus this period was on database improvements to increase overall performance.

New Features & Improvements

Inventory Reports

We created a new category of reports in Meetingmax. The new "Inventory Reports" section in the report dropdown is your place to find reports on pickup, pace, inventory, room status, and more.

The reports moved to the new section are as follows:
  1. Additional Information Totals
  2. Comp Rooms
  3. Day per Hotel with Event Totals
  4. Day per Hotel with Room Type 
  5. Hold Rooms
  6. Hotel by Day 
  7. Hotel with Room Type and Sub-block
  8. Hotel with Sub-block 
  9. Pace Report
  10. State/Province
  11. Subblock with Anticipated Totals 
  12. Waitlist
Additionally we renamed many of the Pickup Reports to better connect with the information found in each report. Traditionally, a pickup report displays information on the total number of rooms blocked, picked-up, and available for an event.

The following name changes have occurred:
  1. Pickup by Group > Additional Information Totals
  2. Hotel Totals by Day > Day per Hotel with Event Totals
  3. Totals by Room Type > Day per Hotel with Room Type
  4. Hotels Pick up by Day >  Hotel per Day
  5. Subblock Report > Hotel with Room Type and Sub-Block
  6. Sub-block Grouped Report > Hotel with Sub-block 
  7. Anticipated Sub-block Pickup > Subblock with Anticipated Totals

Custom Reports

To go above and beyond PCI compliance, we remove the ability to pull Custom Reports with the fields "First 6 Digits" and "Last 4 Digits". All Custom Reports that have the "Full Credit Card" field added will display only the Last 4 digits, all other digits will be masked. The only users who can see a full credit card detail will be Hotel users who have full credit card access. 


Custom Reports

We noticed that Date Filters (equal to, greater than, less than, and not equal to) were not working as expected. We have since fixed this bug and the custom report Date Filters now work.