October 24, 2018

October 24, 2018

Halloween is on its way and before the team enters a sugar-induced coma from all the candy they will be ingesting, they've put together a bag full of sweet new features and tasty enhancements for you!

New Features:
  1. Schedule Change Reports
    No tricks this time, only treats! Now you can choose to schedule the change report to be delivered to the emails of your choosing whenever you like. 
    You can find this under the Event > Hotels > Reports tab

    Each email sent will only display any changes since the last time it was sent out, giving your recipients a great view of what's going on in their system. The below image is what the recipient will receive.

  2. Customizable Rate Display
    We know lots of people like to decorate this time of year with their own personal flair! Another great improvement that our team has made is the ability to change how rates are displayed during the booking process on the hotel selection page. You now have 4 options: Lowest rate (which is the default), Average rate, Range, or Do not show rates. 
    Events > Fine Tune > Rate Display

    Your guest will see the rates as you have set them in the rate display format.


  1. Improved Name Change Process and Transfer Process 
    For those of you who have 
    integration with registration, you are probably familiar with the process of
    moving your reservation from Frankenstein to Dracula and don't want to carry over Frank's payment details! We've refined the transfer process to allow you to change these on the fly.
    Under all the usual personal information will be a dropdown to allow you to select which payment option you would like to use for the new booking. By default, this will be set to Copy Existing.

  2. Updated Date Chooser
    We know your guests have pumpkins to carve and candies to eat, so we want to make sure that they can quickly find the dates they want in an easy-to-understand manner when making their initial booking. The date chooser will now display all of the event days in a calendar-like fashion.


Monster Mash: 

Here are a few bugs that we've been able to squash as well:
  • We've vacuumed out the spiders and the hotel distance calculator is now fully functional again.


  • Our engineers have replaced the slow zombies that were running the booking process with faster ones, so now your events will be able to perform much better when there are many guests trying to secure their hotel rooms.

Training Certification Program (TCP)

Bubble Bubble No Toil and No Trouble around the training cauldron. The team is busy boiling up an exciting concoction that will be revealed soon. Keep tuned to your emails to find out more about a certain Conventional Call taking place in the near future! 

Log-in to your system, play around, and increase your Meetingmax knowledge! 

The Meetingmax team