October 10, 2018

October 10, 2018

We have cultivated a handful of exciting new features that we've been growing in our greenhouse for a long time, ripe and ready for you to harvest and reap the benefits. 

  1. Excel Reports Performance Increase
    We've changed the way that some of your favorite reports are built so that they are now much, much faster to run in order to get them to you quicker. Most of these reports are now seeing a 500 to 1000% increase in speed, saving you valuable time.
    The following reports have been optimized :
    • General
    • General 2
    • Full Rooming List
    • Hotel Totals By Day
    • Hotel Pickup By Day
    • Sub-block
    • Sub-block Grouped
    • Simplified Rooming List
    • Marriott
    • Pace

  2. Bulk Changes for Reservations
    An oft-requested feature has been the ability to perform various operations in bulk for more than one reservation at a time. We've started this process and are giving you the ability to do a few select tasks across your reservations! Currently, you will be limited to being able to send out status emails and to change some notes, but stay tuned in this space as we provide even more functionality for mass changes in the future.

Once bulk mode has been selected there are 4 steps to follow:
Step 1: Choose Reservation
Step 2: Choose Operation
Step 3: Operation Details
Step 4: Confirmation

* The Bulk Changes will be explained in further detail in future TCP updates. You will be notified in the notices on your MCP.

3. Clear Report History
The previous report history tool is a great way to see which reports have been pulled in the past and allows you to run them again in the future, but what if you don't need that information anymore? We are now giving you the ability to clear out your report history. You can either choose the reports to remove individually, or use the Clear All button to get rid of all of them.

4. Better Consistency for Processing Changes
We've been hard at work to ensure that your user experience is more consistent and makes more sense across the board. This sprint we focused on making the message and button placement on the change request processing pages more consistent so that they all appear in the same place, no matter what type of change you are looking at. 


Training Certification Program (TCP)

Stay tuned to your notices on your MCP for the upcoming updates to the TCP. 

Two new sections will be added soon: 

- Duplicate Reservation Checker

- Bulk Changes Tool (*as mentioned above)

Log-in to your system, play around, and increase your Meetingmax knowledge - you housing superstar! 

The Meetingmax team