May 8, 2019

May 8, 2019

May marks the first of many barbecues, afternoon picnics, cocktail socials, and soaking up the sunshine. The team here at Meetingmax have been working hard at adding a few new bright features to the system so that you can spend more time enjoying the springtime!
These changes will be going live in your system on the 8th of May.

New Feature:
  1. Company Name as a Required Field
    This new feature will allow you to be able to specify whether or not the Company Name is a required field when the guest makes a reservation. This can be added on both the event level and the sub-block level giving you a little more flexibility in the system when requesting certain fields.


  2. HCP User Tracking
    In order for you to better track what is happening with your users we have added the ability to see hotel userhistory logs. You can now track when a hotel user is created (including user names, email, and credit card visibility), updated, or deleted (manually or via deletion date) at the event-hotel level. You will also be able to see when credit card visibility is turned on or off.


  3. Summary Report
    To give you a quick snapshot of whats happening with your events we have added a new report called theSummary report. 


    Once in the Summary report you are also able to go one step further by using the drop down options underFilter Rooms (as seen below).


New Feature:
  1. Improved Currency Options
    You will notice that under the payments tab on the event level we have added the top 100 world currencies for you to choose from for your events.

The Knowledge Base

For your springtime reading pleasure the Meetingmax Knowledge Base has been been updated with the latest articles:

Log-in to your system, play around and enjoy!

The Meetingmax team