March 27, 2019

March 27, 2019

Spring Fever is Budding at Meetingmax!
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Hello Eventprofs,

With privacy concerns top of mind these days, your friendly Meetingmax Development Teamâ„¢ has undertaken a few enhancements in order to give you more control over what your users see.

These changes will be going live in your system on the 27th of March.

New Features:
  1. Ability to Restrict Hotel Users to ONLY View Reports
    So often the hotel users can see more than they actually need to, or find their way into places that you don't want them to go! We've added a new checkbox to the edit hotel user screen that, when checked, will restrict the current hotel user to only see reports and nothing else.
    Users > Manage Users > Hotel Users > User Information

  2. Revoke Access for Hotel Users after Specified Date
    Another great feature to help properly manage your hotel users is the ability to revoke their access after a specified date. Following an event, it's common to want to remove that user's access to information stored in Meetingmax. We've made this process a lot simpler.
    Simply go to the edit hotel user screen and check the checkbox within the Deletion Date column at the Assigned Hotels section. Here you can provide any future date you would like. Once the date elapses, the hotel user will no longer have access to viewing any information for that event or events.

  3. View Events Hotel Users have Access to in Hotel User Table
    Another time saving feature we've added is being able to view all the events that hotel users have access to right in the hotel users table. This column is also filterable, so if you are looking for all users with access to a certain event, you can find them here.

  4. Planner Users can now have More Control Over Submitting Changes
    Functionality that was once limited to just the housing managers has been incorporated into the planner user panel as well. Now your planners can better leverage the change request system to handle booking adjustments themselves rather than relying on the housing managers to do so.


The Knowledge Base

Remember, when in doubt consult the Knowledge Base!

We have got you covered with some updated articles to assist you along the way.

That's all for now.
See you at Unconvention next week :)