March 12, 2019

March 12, 2019

Hello Eventprofs,

Our product team has been laser focused on providing additional flexibility and power to the Meetingmax application so that you can manage your events the way you want to and save time doing it. 
We have some great new updates that we are sure you will enjoy! 
These changes will be going live in your system on the 13th of March.

New Features:
  1. Distance in Blocks
    Sometimes it's not truly helpful displaying the distance from each hotel in kilometres or miles to your event. Now you have the option to display it in blocks! From your event profile page, you can select Blocks from the drop down for distance unit.
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  2. Track Where a Reservation Came From
    When making a backend reservation, it could be helpful to know exactly where the reservation itself came from. Maybe it was received by email, fax, phone, or something else entirely. You can now use the new Received By drop down from the backend reservation page.
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    You can then view and filter on the Received By column right in the reservation search page.  

    We will be adding it to some reports in the near future! Stay tuned!  

  3. Event Aliasing
    Sometimes what you call your event internally in your organization is a lot different than you do on the outside to your guests. Until now these two event names had to be the same in the Meetingmax application, but no longer!
    Simply provide an Event Alias on the Event > Fine Tune page. Once it's set, all of your customer-facing information will use the new alias. This includes the reservation process, emails, and change requests. It has even been added to the table of all events as a new column for easier searching and sorting
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  4. Attrition Rate Added to Summary
    You will notice a new button on the summary page to display attrition. With this enabled, a new column will be displayed showing you the percentage booked vs allocated.
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    To make this feature even better, you can specify an Attrition Percentage from the Event > Hotel > The Basics tab. When provided, any percentage lower than the one set will appear in red in the summary table, and any percentage higher than the set value will appear as green.


  1. Bulk Reservation Improvements
    We have made a couple of improvements to the bulk reservation tool. First off, the content for emails can now be formatted however you like just like the regular emails can.
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    We have also added the ability to easily change the company name, ETA, and special requests for each of the selected reservations. 


Well that's the long and short of it! We hope these changes can both help save you more than a small amount of time and plaster a big grin on your face :)