June 5, 2019

June 5, 2019

Dear Tribe Members

Are you ready for this?
Over the course of the last few months we have been working away at making some monumental improvements to some of the more highly used and requested pieces of functionality in our system, the Rooming List Import tool for one. 
Please scroll down to see the full process of the improved Rooming List Import.

These changes will be going live in your system on the 5th of June.

  1. Rooming List Import
    First, upload your rooming list as normal using our advanced column mapping tool.

    After processing, you will find yourself on a new page ↓↓↓↓ containing any of the rooms that could not be processed and require you to either fix their details or add additional inventory. Any rooms that were able to be processed will already have been created and can be viewed under the Created tab on this screen. Rooming list imports are no longer an all-or-nothing deal; any records that could be imported, will be imported.
    To fix the records so that they can be added properly to the system, simply check the box for the record or records you would like to update and click Edit. ↑↑
    You will be presented with a dialog ↓↓ containing all of the current fields with any of the issues highlighted.

    After fixing the errors, you may choose to simply Update (if you don't want to complete the import at this time) or Update & Import to immediately try to create the reservation for that record. 

    All of the successfully imported records will be displayed under the Created tab and will have a link to the reservation details page. ↓↓


    Finally, if you would like to come back to a rooming list import at any time you are welcome to do so. All currently active imports (those still with records that need fixing) and completed imports will be displayed on the Rooming List Import page itself (just above where you upload your rooming list). Click on the link in the Import ID column to go back to the summary page for that import. ↓↓


 Further Improvements:
  1. Accounting Deposit Report Changes
    The accounting deposit report has been adjusted so that each row represents a single room rather than individual guests which was causing issues when totaling up the values in the report.The first guest's information will be provided in the usual Guest First Name and Guest Last Name columns and every subsequent guest in the room will be listed together in a new column labelled Other Guests.

  2. Disable Taxes and Fees for Specific Sub-Blocks
    There are two new sub-block billing options which will disable any of the taxes and/or fees that are currently defined at the event hotel. Checking these boxes will not affect any existing reservations.


The Knowledge Base (KB)

When in doubt don't forget about your super handy Knowledge Base! 
For quick access to the KB simply click the links below.

 Log-in to your system, 
play around and enjoy!