June 20, 2018

June 20, 2018

This ones a biggie!

Extraordinary hard work has gone into developing these new features and system enhancements. These updates are all about making your daily tasks easier and no doubt you will enjoy the system even more.

Get familiarized with these impressive changes and watch it spring to action on June 20th.

New Features:

  1. Reservation Improvements

    We have added a new checkbox to the booking process that will allow the first room, first guest to be the "same as contact" to help speed up the process and reduce confusion over whether the reservation contact should also be a guest in a room.

  2. Stop All Change Requests
    There is a new "Stop all change requests" feature that will prevent any further changes from being made for a particular event and allow the user to provide the guest a custom message. This is found in the Events > Changes Tab - Settings.

    With feature off:

    With feature on:
  1. Hold Inventory
    Hold rooms is no longer a system feature and is now available to all clients. This allows the user to retain inventory (not return to public availability) when a reservation is cancelled or changed. You’ll see this under the Event Hotel andInventory pages.

  2. Reservation Room ID
    The Reservation detail page now shows the Reservation Room ID. This field has also been added to all reports in order to provide additional required information when performing a confirmation number import through the updated tool (see below). 


  3. Confirmation Number Import
    We have updated the way the confirmation number import tool works to increase its flexibility and power and to lay the groundwork for future improvements. It’s more interactive, allows for customized imports and enables the user to dynamically choose the matching confirmation details

Other Fixes:
We've also got a bunch of other updates and changes you might come across such as:

  1. Event hotel changes are now being tracked in their own history log.
  2. What used to say "Group Information" now reads "Additional Information" in the Events Settings tab.  
  3. The section to provide additional information during the booking process has been moved below the guest information section.
  4. The HCP training video has been updated!

The Meetingmax tribe is constantly engineering ways to make our system the best it can be so keep a look out for future enhancements and features! 

Log-in to your system, play around, and increase your Meetingmax knowledge - you housing superstar! 

The Meetingmax team