July 17, 2018

July 17, 2018

Our hard working developers have been at it again. In fact, they have abandoned going out in the beautiful summer weather to keep delivering these AWESOME SOLUTIONS to you!

Here's what you can expect to see on July 18th.

  1. Smart Confirmation Number Import
    We've knocked some sense into our confirmation number import tool so that it'll automatically attempt to find the correct columns in the imported spreadsheet without you having to go and select the required columns every time.


  2. Easier Change Request Processing
    For housing managers that process a lot of change requests individually, we've made this process a lot easier for you. If you are processing one of a series of change requests, you'll notice a new option available at the bottom of the page to process the current change request and automatically move onto the next one.


Some other things to make you smile:)
Here are a bunch of other updates and changes you might come across :

  1. When searching on company name in the reservation search it will return partial searches as well.
  2. The "Fee per Room Night" on the hotel profile has been renamed to "Additional Fee per Night" to help reduce confusion.
  3. Held rooms are no longer being considered as available inventory on the Summary page, so now the Summary page's availability will reflect what the guest is able to book more accurately.

The Meetingmax tribe is constantly engineering ways to make our system the best it can be so keep a look out for future enhancements and features! 

Log-in to your system, play around, and increase your Meetingmax knowledge - you housing superstar! 

The Meetingmax team