How do I allow my hotels to provide their own inventory?

How do I allow my hotels to provide their own inventory?

So you want to give your hotel users some more control over their own inventory in your system? Rather than them sending you some updated numbers or spreadsheets, you can enable them to go into their own hotel control panel interface to change the numbers themselves. Don't worry, as an administrator, you still have final say over what makes it and what doesn't. We'll break down the process for you below.

Enable Allow Hotels to Suggest Inventory Changes Functionality

Allowing the hotels to be able to suggest their own inventory adjustments, you must enable it on a per event-hotel basis (as it is disabled by default). This way you will not be receiving unsolicited inventory adjustments for hotels you do not wish to receive them for.

To do this, go to your desired Event > Hotel profile page and expand the Inventory Options box at the bottom of The Basics tab. Here you will toggle the Allow Hotels to Suggest Inventory Changes select box to Yes.

Hotel Users Suggest Inventory Changes

Only hotels with Full Access to the designated event hotel will be able to make inventory suggestions.
At this point, if the hotel user has one or more event hotels that they have permission to make inventory suggestions for, they will now see a new Inventory option in their left navigation.

Clicking on this will open a similar dialog window as the administrator will see where the hotel user will be able to choose their event, hotel, and room type. This screen differs slightly from the administrator's version as it does not contain the sub-block field. All inventory edits that will be made by the hotel user will be applied to the overall inventory only and not at the sub-block level.

When the user then clicks on the View Inventory button, they will be taken to their own variation of the inventory page. On this page will be fields to update the Total Inventory as well as information about the overall Booked and Available inventory. Upon making modifications and clicking Save, the inventory suggestion is then made available to the administrator users so that they can choose whether they want to accept those changes or decline them.

Inventory Suggestions Presented to Administrators

As an administrator who has a pending inventory suggestion made by a hotel user, you will now see a red dot on the Inventory left navigation option.

Clicking on the Inventory option, you will see your familiar inventory form, but with an additional information section at the top. Toggling this open will display the event hotel room types with pending inventory suggestions provided by hotel users. Clicking on the View button will open a new tab and take you directly to that event hotel room type inventory page.

Take Action on Inventory Suggestions

When an administrator goes to an inventory page that has pending inventory suggestions, a new dialog will be displayed prompting the user to take action. A table is displayed containing information for each of the dates that have an inventory suggestion, how much the current inventory amount is, and what the proposed change will be. It will be up to the administrator to choose whether to Merge, Discard, or come back to this Later.


Clicking on the Merge button will simply add the new values to the current inventory form. The values that have changed will be highlighted to indicate that they have been modified. Administrators will still have to save the page in order for the changes to "stick". You may also merge and then update any of the fields you see fit if you do not want to accept all of the values as they are. Saving the inventory page following a merge will clear out the pending inventory suggestion so that it does not display again.


Clicking on the Discard button will immediately clear out the pending inventory suggestion from the system and it will no longer prompt the administrator for input.


When the Later button is clicked, the dialog will simply be dismissed with no actual action taken. This will allow the administrator to come back to this page again at a future time without having to merge or discard the changes suggested in the moment.

Handling Discrepancies

In some cases it is possible that after the hotel user provided some inventory adjustments an administrator also made some inventory changes to the same event hotel room type and did not either merge or discard the hotel's variation. In these cases the administrator will see a dialog that contains a bit more information regarding the suggested changes provided by the hotel. Because the total inventory is no longer consistent with what the hotel user saw at the time they submitted their changes, the information is then split into two columns: Proposed Inventory by Total and Proposed Inventory by Difference. It will be up to the administrator to determine the correct value to place in the inventory input fields and they will have to click the corresponding button below, either Merge Total or Merge Difference.