How can I upload multiple confirmation numbers into Meetingmax?

How can I upload multiple confirmation numbers into Meetingmax?

Just as you are able to upload a rooming list into Meetingmax to create reservations en masse, you are also able to upload confirmation numbers en masse to accept them!

This is called the Confirmation Number Import, and is the same process your hotel partners might use to process all the reservations in your contracted blocks! You get the very same functionality in the MCP, with the only difference being that you are not able to see uncensored credit card information. So how does it work?

The import process is comprised of the following three steps:
  1. Pulling a rooming list of all reservations for a given event hotel,
  2. Processing that information (typically by uploading into a PMS, but this will vary), and;
  3. Uploading given confirmation numbers back into Meetingmax. 

Pulling a Rooming List

In step one, you will generate a rooming list to compile reservation information for the block you would like to accept. Start by heading to the Rooming Lists tab in your system, and going to the Import Confirmation Numbers page.

Use the drop down menus to select your event hotel, event, sub-block, and which format of Rooming List you'd like to pull. In the Rooming List drop down, you'll have a few options to choose from that serve various hotel PMSs. These reports have the same information, but the content is simply formatted differently to make directly uploading them into these systems easier. There's also an option called "Full Rooming List". This one has just about every piece of reservation data that's stored in the system, and is a great option any time you need an all-encompassing rooming list. 

Once you've configured your list, click Download Rooming List.

Processing the Information

This step will look different depending on how you're handing your rooming lists. In most cases where an MCP user is going through this process, it's because the hotel partners are not accessing Meetingmax themselves. The stipulation here would be that the hotel doesn't require credit card information, as the MCP does not supply it. If the hotel did need credit card information to create bookings in their system, the hotel would need to pull that from Meetingmax themselves by going through this process in the Hotel Control Panel. 

Whatever your workflow is, we can assume that after pulling your rooming list, you have been provided confirmation numbers from the hotel partner.

Uploading Confirmation Numbers

Finally, the last step is to take your confirmation numbers and import them into the MCP. There are two ways you can accomplish this import. Let's talk about the easier one first.

Back in the system, there will be a newly created import record for the rooming list you pulled in step one. Associated with is a Confirmation Number List button, which provides you with a file of the same name. 

The Rooming Lists to be PCI compliant are password protected as they include credit card information. The password is one time use, and are requested prior to downloading the report. To open and update the confirmation numbers you will be required to enter the password set. 

This spreadsheet looks similar to the Full Rooming List, but has a new column labelled "Hotel Confirmation Number".

What you'll want to do is take your confirmation numbers and paste them into this spreadsheet, ensuring that the order of the numbers matches the order of the rooms in the spreadsheet. The system takes the Reservation Room ID of each room and assigns it the Hotel Confirmation Number to its right (the area highlighted in red above). This is very important. If the confirmation numbers are pasted in a different order than the Reservation Room IDs in this spreadsheet, the numbers and their associated rooms will be mismatched, and your attendees will be provided the wrong confirmation number!

Once your Confirmation Number List is ready to go, all you have to do is jump back into Meetingmax and upload it. After having previously clicked on the blue Confirmation Number List button, a dialogue will become available at the bottom of the screen to upload the list. Click "Choose File" ( label may vary based on operating system), and select your list from where you saved it on your computer.

Before we finish, do you recall I mentioned a second way to upload the confirmation numbers? The alternative is that after you click "Confirmation Number List", you don't actually have to use that list to import your numbers. As shown in the screenshot above, you are provided with the ability to upload any spreadsheet in this final step and to tell the system which column it is that contains the Res Room ID and which one contains the Confirmation #.

This means if your hotel sends you a confirmation number list of their own, the only thing you need to add and mark is the Res Room IDs for each room. What's more is that these IDs are included in the Full Rooming List as well, so your hotel can send back a spreadsheet with everything you need as they've already been provided the Res Room IDs for each record (If you sent them the Full Rooming List).

Okay. We're all set here! Once you select your columns, or if the system has done it for you already, the only thing you need to do is click Accept Reservations.

Once uploaded, the system will display a pop-up report of how well the import went. All rooms that were accepted successfully will be listed for you, while any that experienced an issue will also be listed with an explanation of what happened. For each problem, you can update the cell in your confirmation number list spreadsheet and try again, and any already-accepted reservations will be ignored!

If you have any questions or issues going through this process, feel free to email us at!