How can I send a bulk hotel note for my reservations? (Video)

How can I send a bulk hotel note for my reservations? (Video)

Through the new Bulk Reservation Change Tool, you can now add notes to hotels en masse for your reservations! 

In the "Reservations" tab, click on the "Toggle Bulk Mode" button. This will activate a column on the left-hand side for you to choose which reservations you would like to send the update for.  To increase the total number of reservations, simply click on the "Show x entries" drop-down above the table, and increase the number. If you have more than 100 reservations for which you need to add a hotel note, you will need to break it down into smaller portions. Once you have chosen your recipients, click on the green check mark.

Then you will see the options labelled "Send Emails", "Edit Reservations" and "Resend reservation details to API Push URL".  Click on "Edit Reservations", and then click "Next".

You have the option of adding a reservation note and changing the note to the hotel.

Reservation Note vs Note to Hotel

No doubt you might be wondering what the difference is between the two, so here's a quick break-drown!

Reservation Note

A reservation note is a note added by an MCP user to a reservation detail screen, that can only be seen by other MCP users in the same system. Neither the hotel nor the guest can see this note.

When adding a reservation note on a reservation by reservation basis, you would simply go to the "Notes" section when in a reservation detail screen and add the note there. 

Adding a note to the selected reservations through the bulk change tool will post them just as they normally would, but enables you to add notes much faster! To do so through the tool, select "Add Reservation Note", enter or paste your reservation note in the next box, and click "Next" in the bottom right of the screen.

Note to Hotel

A note to the hotel on the other hand is a note that is read by the hotel, but still cannot be seen by the guest. This is added to a reservation by an MCP user, and typically works similarly to a change request wherein the hotel needs to go into the HCP and manually confirm for themselves that they have read and acknowledged the note. The difference here is that when the note for the hotel is added en masse through the bulk change tool, the note bypasses the change request process and will be posted instantly!

To add a note to the hotel individually, you would need to submit a change request. In the change request pop-up, you would want to scroll down until you saw the field labelled "Note for Hotel", where you would then enter the note needed for the reservation. In the bulk change tool however, you can add the note to hotel in the appropriate text box, and upon submission the note will instantly post to all selected reservations. 

Then click "Next" to confirm the note, and then click "Finish".

Your note will be added to the reservation for your hotel to see!