How can I search for a reservation effectively?

How can I search for a reservation effectively?

The first screen you arrive at in the "Reservations" tab starts off rather simple. You can quickly enter in which event and hotel's reservations you would like to see, as well as what status and sub-block you want the reservations to be in.

However, the Meetingmax system allows you to be as specific as you want! Just click on the "Expand" button in the bottom right to see the rest of the available search criteria!

Reservation ID: A unique identifier that is generated by the system at the time a reservation is made and increases by one for each new reservation. It is independent of the event or hotel confirmation number and can be a very easy way to track a particular reservation.

Confirmation #: Number given by the hotel or event, however these are not available until they are entered when the reservation is accepted. These numbers may not be unique. It is unlikely, but it is possible for two hotels to generate an identical confirmation number.

Reservation Search: This area can be used to search for multiple reservations that meet the criteria selected. The General Search tab defaults to “New”, “All Room Status”, “All Hotels”, “All Events”, and “All Blocks”. You can select within these fields to an individual event, individual hotel or individual sub-block in order to refine your search as required.

Guest Information: This information pertains specifically to a guest staying in a room. Keep in mind that this information can vary from the Contact Information!

Reservation Information: This area allows you to search for a reservation using a variety of tags, such as the information the contact entered into the group information labels, or the room type chosen for one of the reservation's rooms.

Contact Information: This information pertains to the person who booked the reservation. Again, keep in mind that this person isn't necessarily the same person staying in a room! Often, a guest's assistant or some other contact might be making the reservation on their behalf, and would like to be the one contacted regarding changes and other communication. You can use that contact's information to search here!