How can I schedule an email reminder to my attendees?

How can I schedule an email reminder to my attendees?

Meet the Master Control Panel's newest tab: the Emails tabHere, you have new functionality that enables you to set up automatic email reminders that can be sent to your attendees. How it works is the system will take a set of criteria as outlined by you, and will re-send your attendees their acknowledgement or confirmation emails with any additional text that you enter in the reminder's body. 

Note: the Manage Reminders feature is still in beta, and we are looking to improve its overall functionality and performance. While in beta, the feature is limited to a maximum of three scheduled emails per Master Control Panel, and the Hotel field is marked as required.

Your feedback on the Manage Reminders feature is encouraged! If you would like to submit feedback to us, please send an email to Thank you!

Adding a New Reminder

To add a new scheduled email reminder, head over to the Emails tab. When you first arrive here, you'll see a blank data table. After you begin adding new email reminders, they'll all show up here. As with the rest of the data tables in Meetingmax, you can use the columns to sort the contents of the table, and rearrange the columns to your heart's content. 

Click Add Reminder at the top-right of the screen to create a new reminder. You'll see a pop-up with a myriad of options, allowing you to customize the reminder as required. The following is a description of each option:

  1. Label*: the reminder's label as seen in the data table
  2. Event*: which event's attendees will receive the reminder
  3. Hotel*: which event hotel's attendees will receive the reminder
  4. Sub-block: which block's attendees will receive the reminder
  5. Room Type: which room type's attendees will receive the reminder

  1. Reminder Type*: specifies if it's the reservation's contact or guest emails that will receive the reminder
  2. Reservation Status*: specifies what reservation status will receive the reminder
  3. Reservation Created Date: specifies which reservations will receive the reminder based on when they were booked; the system will provide a date picker that gives you a few options to work with
  4. Reservation Check-in/out Date: specifies what given date a booking must have on it to receive the reminder; this applies to Guest reminders only
  5. Contact/Guest Email, Company Name, City, State, Country: specifies what the booking's information should be in order to be sent the email (e.g., if company is "Meetingmax," all reservations with "Meetingmax" as its company will be sent the email)

  1. Send Option* (pick one of the following): 
    1. Specific Date: specifies what specific date it is that the reminder will be sent on
    2. Days before reservation check-in/out: specifies how many days before the chosen date that the reminder will be sent
  2. Subject: specifies what the email's subject line will say; if this is left blank, the reservation's default subject line will be used
  3. Message: specifies what added text will be added to the email! This is your spot for entering what it is that you need your attendee to be reminded of. There's no harsh limit on what can be added here, so feel free to copy/paste a large chunk of text if that's what you need

The feature also provides you with a blue Calculate button, which can be used to determine how many reservations at the current time will be added to the mail queue when the reminder is sent out. Note that as time progresses toward the time of sending, more reservations than what's indicated may be included in the mailer. On the same token, if there are cancellations or changes to bookings that would affect their eligibility for being included in the queue, they will not be included.

Once your reminder is set up how you would like it to be, click Save

You'll see your new reminder in the data table. When the time comes for the emails to go out, you'll notice the "Processed Date" and "Total Emails Sent" columns update, indicating in real time how many emails the reminder has sent out to your attendees!