How can I pin an event in my system?

How can I pin an event in my system?

Users can “pin” an event so that it becomes the default selected event throughout the MCP. 

At the top of each event profile, you'll find the "Pin" button.

Once pinned, the button will grey out and your event will now be the default event throughout the MCP, regardless of session logout and login.  It will only change when you unpin an event or change the pinned event. To unpin, click the pin button again.

To change the pinned event, simply pin a different event! The system will ask you to confirm you want to change which event is pinned.

When an event is pinned, the following pages will be pre-filtered by your event:
  • Reservation Search
  • Changes (General, Request, Cancellations and Processed)
  • Summary
  • Reports (filters history, and then defaults for selected reports)
  • Hotel Rooming Lists
  • Import Confirmation Numbers (2nd dropdown after hotel is chosen)