How can I create a reservation in the Back-End?

How can I create a reservation in the Back-End?

As an MCP user, in addition to creating reservations on your guests' behalf through the front-end, you can also create reservations in the back-end. Using this method enables you to bypass front-end restrictions, such as cut-off dates, disabled room types and hotels, etc.

In the reservations tab, click "Create New Reservation".

From here, you can specify Event and Sub-block. If you are unsure of hotel availability, you can click "View Availability".

"View Availability" will show you all hotels with availability for the selected dates, as well as hotel distance from the venue and price range.

To see the different room types, click the arrow beside the hotel name. To add the room to the reservation, click on the room type.

The availability shows publicly available rooms by default, but you can also view hold rooms, user held and overall availability,

After selecting the Event, Hotel, and/or a Sub-block, the sidebar on the right will update with information pertaining to each so that you do not have to backtrack to look it up and also to provide quick information should you be on the phone with a guest.  

Continue completing the reservation details as you would in the front-end.

Note: The inventory will be held for 15 mins.  If not saved, it will be returned.  You will see a notification at the top of the reservation screen that will count down the time remaining.