How can I check for duplicate reservations?

How can I check for duplicate reservations?

You can use this feature to check your MCP for any potential duplicate reservations that have been made by your attendees. It’s especially helpful if you have certain constraints or limitations on bookings for popular events. You can find out who has booked more rooms than they should have, and take action accordingly!

The Duplicate Reservation tool is found under the "Reservation Tools" drop-down in the "Reservations" tab.

On the next screen, you can use the different search criteria to search your entire system for any reservations that contain the same information. You must choose at least one of the options from the mandatory criteria, and you have the option of choosing check-in or check-out date.  The results will be listed at the bottom. Note that only active events will have their reservations show up in this tool. Archived events' reservations cannot be searched for through this tool.

Clicking the blue reservation number will open that reservation.  Clicking the circle with the white cross will show individual reservation with more details.

By click on Export to Excel you will get a worksheet with the original table (not the reservation details).