February 25, 2019

February 25, 2019

Hello Eventprofs,

With the shortest month of the year coming to a close, our team has been tasked with the tall order of bringing some large changes to the Meetingmax system.
These changes will be going live in your system on the 27th of February.

New Features:
  1. Backend Reservations will now hold Inventory
    This one is a big deal. Whenever you create a reservation through the back-end, it will automatically hold inventory for you so that you never have to feel small and lay low if a guest happened to swoop in and take it through the regular front-end booking process.
    The inventory will be held as soon as you've selected your room type and will be yours for up to 15 minutes.


  2. Customizable Front End Messaging per Sub-Block
    For so long you've been able to have a customized reservation process per event, but what about sub-blocks? Don't worry, we didn't short-change you on this one.
    You can now choose to override any of the event-level reservation messages with their corresponding sub-block variations. 
    Check this out at 
    Knowledge Base (KB) Article  


  3. Main Available Inventory shown on Summary
    Good things come in small packages. Back by popular demand we've re-added the inventory totals that is simply the amount allocated minus the amount booked. You can find this new/old option from the drop-down filter on the summary page.
    Knowledge Base (KB) Article

  4. Easier Way to get Rooming Lists Import values
    Our team wants to shorten the amount of time needed to gather all the information required to fill the Rooming List Import document, so we've come up with a brand new report to provide you a shortcut.
    Found on the Rooming Lists>Import Rooming Lists tab, there's a new button to generate this Cheat Sheet. Clicking this button will prompt you for your event and optionally a hotel or sub-block, and will output all of the values necessary to help you fill in your import document.

    Knowledge Base (KB) Article 


  1. Originally contracted and Actualized Pick-up Improvements
    Not long ago we added the ability to specify Originally Contracted andActualized Pick-up to the main block inventory page. We didn't want to stop short and quit there so our developers have also added this down to the sub-block level. These values will also display on the summary page as the old ones did
    Knowledge Base (KB) Article  


     Additionally, and it was no short order, we've added the Originally Contracted andActualized Pick-up values to several reports: Hotel Totals by Day, Sub-block Grouped, Sub-block, and Pace. These values are optional and can be toggled on and off from the Reports page.

Well that's the long and short of it! We hope these changes can both help save you more than a small amount of time and plaster a big grin on your face :)

Log-in to your system, play around and enjoy!

The Meetingmax team