December 4, 2018

December 4, 2018

MMX holiday package delivery
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Hello all,

With the holidays looming our development team has forgone the rum and eggnog in order to provide some new, nicely wrapped gifts for you!

  1. New Decline Behaviour
    Instead of sending hotel users coal this year you might be kissing them under the mistletoe.
    Due to popular demand, the unpopular practice of hotels declining your event's reservations is over. Now hotel users will be able to flag reservations that should be declined (with a reason of course) and the housing manager will be notified in order to approve or reject it

    When there are pending declines, admin users will be able to see them when they go to their Reservation Search page.

    Any reservation currently flagged for decline will display an informational message containing the reason why at the top of the reservation details page.

  2. Improved Inventory Recordkeeping
    We know that keeping track of inventory can be a bit of a hassle; it's hard enough to make a list, nevermind having to check it twice.

    We have now added two new rows to the inventory page to allow you to manually keep track of your Originally Contracted and Actualized Pick-up values, should you wish to keep track of them. These are optional and will have no bearing on anything else in the system aside from allowing you to see the values in the summary page. In the future we will be adding some reports to show these side-by-side with other important numbers in the system.

    We should note that these numbers will not change how you are invoiced in Meetingmax.


  3. Event Jump Lists
    The holidays are never complete without a little singing, and you'll be signing a happy tune with the jump lists you'll now find on your edit event page. Simply click the down arrow to the right of the Show Hotels and Show Sub-blocks buttons to see a quick list of links to those respective pages.


A bit more holiday cheer:

Being adverse to the cold weather, our developers have stayed warm by locking themselves in their office and huddling next to their warm computers. They've been able to bring you some of the following updates as well:
  • The enforce attendee and sub-block cut-off messages now display more prominently when a guest is trying to make a booking and can't.
  • Filtering events and hotels in the expandable boxes in the left nav is a lot more accurate.
  • The multiple location distance calculator on the edit event page has been improved and should now provide accurate results.
  • Fixed an issue where Google Maps may not display the first time a user loads the hotels page in the booking process.
  • The Purchase Order payment method no longer displays as blank on the backend reservation page.

The Knowledge Base

3 brand new gifts are ready to be opened just in time for the holidays. You won't want to wait until the 25th to open these pretty packages. Remember to be logged into Max for you to access these links directly.

Training Certification Program (TCP)
The TCP is being updated to include a tutorial on the new HTML embedding feature! When going through Getting Your Event Up and Running, you can now get an explanation on how the HTML embedding feature works, along with a couple of examples.

We hope you enjoy the festive seasons release notes.
Log-in to your system, play around and enjoy!

The Meetingmax team