April 24, 2019

April 24, 2019

Hello Eventprofs,

As the team continues to work through the fantastic feedback received at the Unconvention, our developers have been hard at work to bring you a slew of improvements and features that will make your lives easier! 

These changes will be going live in your system on the 24th of April.

New Feature:
  1. Printable Reservations
    One piece of feedback that we've received regularly was to have the ability to print reservations at the end of making a booking. Guests will now be provided a "Print Reservation" button after their reservation has been created which will provide them with a printer-friendly version of the reservation details and automatically pop up the user's print dialog.


New Improvements:
  1. "Received By" Improvements
    We received a lot of good feedback about the addition of the "Received By" field added to the back end reservation page (which allows you to designate where a reservation came from). We've made a few improvements to this field to make it even better.
    Firstly we have added "Web" as a Received By option. This is not only selectable from the back end reservation page, but also any reservations made through the regular booking process by the guest will automatically be assigned this value.


    You can also provide the Received By option when importing your rooming lists. If no value is specified, then the reservation will be set to "Rooming List" as the Received By value.


    Finally, the Received By field is now a required field on the back end reservation page to ensure that it is being used properly.

The Knowledge Base

As always we have got you covered with easy online support.

The knowledge filled portal has been updated with the latest article:

Log-in to your system, play around and enjoy!

The Meetingmax team